XP Relines means Safe Efficient Relines


Jeremy Pelvin - Consultant

Jeremy has more than a decade’s experience that’s seen him working and consulting in mine sites globally including Africa, South America, Asia, Europe and Australia.

He is proficient in a range of plant from steel lined SAG, AG and Ball mills to rubber-lined mills, as well as installations.

He has consulted on liner design changes and the various relining methods available to meet situations. Jeremy leads the diversification and expansion of XP Relines Pty Ltd and is committed to the company’s mission statement.

Don Pelvin - Consultant

As a cornerstone of XP Relines and its work, Don Pelvin’s experience in mining dates back to 1986. He has been involved in mill relining since 1992.

Don’s unquestionable experience and knowledge of relining encompasses every type of mill, design and location worldwide. Consultation, whether part of a routine reline, installation and commissioning, reconfiguration or solely on technical expertise is ongoing for Don and he is accurately described as one of the most experienced senior reline technical experts in the industry today.

Mathew Hayes - Managing Director

Mat is passionate about relining and ensuring that sites have the safest and most efficient relines possible.

Mat has worked on site as a Processing Manager as well as on the reline side, so he understands the end to end process and what our clients require for a successful reline. He understands the importance of mill available to enable clients to meet their production targets.

XP Relines Pty Ltd management works alongside a crew of more than 120 reline technicians, operations personnel, and administration staff to ensure every aspect and expectation of a job is met with satisfaction. We are committed to the ongoing training of all personnel to ensure that our technical and safety practices are of our expected high standard. We work as a team, and can quickly mobilise an experienced, qualified crew tailored to the specific requirements of your relining needs

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